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Gambling Articles

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Listed on the following pages we have hundreds of gambling articles, dealing with many different aspects of gambling. There are poker articles, casino game articles, strategy articles and a bunch og gambling tips for many different games.

Phil Hellmuth on My First WSOP Championship - At this time of year, I'm frequently asked the same question: How did you beat Johnny Chan to win your first World Series of Poker championship?

Overplaying Pocket Jacks and Managing Fatigue - As for the rest of the WSOP, well, it's truly been a grueling tournament comprised of fifty-seven different championship events. Even the best players were challenged, intellectually, physically and emotionally, and many succumbed to mental mistakes that resulted in bad reads, sloppy bets, mounting losses, and early exits.

Phil Hellmuth On Going For 1 Million in Monte Carlo - I played in the $25,000 buy-in Monte Carlo Millions tournament a few years ago where $1 million went to the winner. Sixty players made it to Day Two, including me. I was feeling good about my chances to win.

Phil Hellmuth On My Best Play of 2007 - The minimum buy-in was $100,000, with $50,000 rebuys, although most players bought in for $300,000 or more. Antes were $100 with $300/$600 blinds and a $1,200 live blind posted on almost every hand.

Phil Hellmuth A Look Back at My Tenth WSOP Win - I can't help but think back to 2006 when I won my tenth WSOP title by defeating 1,600 other players in the $1,000 No Limit Hold'em tournament with rebuys.

Phil hellmuth on Fold for Your Country - I was asked to captain Team USA in the recently held World Team Poker Championships but I declined because I knew there was a better man for the job. The legendary Doyle Brunson deserved the honor of leading the American squad.

The 11th most-powerful tips in poker - I figure you can’t play poker at a world-class level if you only know 10 things. So why are there so many top-10 lists? Is the 11th tip so much less credible that the 10th? I say no. I say that there’s sometimes little difference between the best tip and the 53rd best tip

Phil hellmuth on the Sundance Poker Festival - Back in 2006, I was invited to emcee and play in an event at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. Sure, it was a blast hanging out with all the celebrities. But my competitive juices were really flowing because I had the chance to win a very cool first-place prize -- a ritzy Las Vegas penthouse condominium.

Getting Lucky at the World Poker Tour Championships - Let's head back to the World Poker Tour Championships held recently in Las Vegas. On Day Six, with only nine players remaining in the tournament, and with blinds at $15,000/$30,000 plus a $3,000 per player ante, I opened under the gun for $80,000 with J-J.

A Bad Fold by David Grey on Poker After Dark - Starting with six players, and with the blinds at $400/$800, Daniel Negreanu raised it up to $800 to go with the 4c-3c from the first position.

Poker : Pretty Lady Bailout - At the recent World Poker Tour Championships in Las Vegas, I got lucky and hit an ace on the river to propel me into Day Three. And with only twenty minutes remaining to play on that day, I finally got involved in an enormous pot.

Middle Stakes Fixed Limit Holdem Strategy - Medium stakes fixed limit Texas Hold’Em can be characterized as anything in the $10/$20 range up to probably about $50/$100 although that certainly is on the edge of what would be considered high stakes. Keep in mind that the differentiation between stakes changes depending on if you are talking about live poker games or online games. For the purposes of this article, we will be discussing online poker games.

Middle Stage Poker Tournament Strategy - So you’ve taken the advice dished out in our first series on early stage tournament strategy and you’re looking to survive the middle stages? Perfect, these tips should now help you survive the next most important phase. For the purposes of this article we’re going to describe the middle stage as being at least 10 levels in until the money bubble pops.

Mathematics of Poker - The one unrelenting fact about poker is that it is truly all about the numbers. There is a probability for every outcome and a statistic for every facet of the game. Some of them are fun, some of them matter and some of them are just for MIT graduates. They are helpful to your game and by having a general knowledge on the mathematics of poker you put yourself in a better position to understand the game over the long run.

A Lucky Ace On The River - I had a real good shot to win the World Poker Tour Championship last week in Las Vegas but you wouldn't have known that had you entered the room late on Day Two.

Poker : The Bluffing Virus - I played a hand against pro Amnon Philippi early in the tournament where I came very close to blowing all my chips and tournament hopes.

Cunningham vs. Ivey on Poker After Dark - There was a great session a couple of years ago when poker pros Barry Greenstein, David Benyamine, Jennifer Harmon, Phil Ivey, Allen Cunningham and Eli Elezra squared off against each other. Although the usual PAD buy-in is $20,000 with $120,000 going to the winner, this game featured a $60,000 buy-in with a whopping $360,000 paid to the champ.

Poker : Making Value Bets - Betting for value in poker is a crucial and often overlooked tactic. The reason it is overlooked is because it is a very hard concept to grasp from time to time, especially for new players. With a value bet, you are trying to put your opponent on the edge of disaster.

Poker : Stealing the Blinds - Stealing the blinds in a semi bluff fashion is usually the best. Let’s take an example where you are on the button with K9 off suit. Here you can come in with a raise and one of two things will happen.

Poker : Limping In - During a round of poker, if there has been no raise before the action reaches you, you may limp in by simply calling the blind. Typically, this term is used on poker broadcasts to describe a player with a decent starting hand that instead of raising, simply calls or limps in. There are many reasons you would want to limp in during a round of poker and we’ll discuss a few scenarios below.

Poker : Check Raising - The check raise is a powerful message that a player is attempting to send to his or her opponent in the game of poker. It can mean many things and can send different messages based on the texture of the board. When used effectively however, it can also add to your bottom line and fatten your poker bankroll.

Poker: Bluffing On The Flop - The flop is the pivotal time of decision in a round of Texas hold’em. It is the one round in the game where the most information is revealed at one time. By the time all three flop cards have landed you should have a pretty good idea of where you are at in the hand. Learning to play properly on the flop is one of the most crucial lessons to learn in Texas hold’em.

Poker : The Ace That Had Me on the Floor - Back at the World Poker Tour's Bay 101 Shooting Star tournament final table, with the blinds at $10,000/$20,000, I managed to get $800,000 into the pot before the flop with pocket queens. At the time, there were six players remaining with $870,000 in prize money going to the winner but only $120,000 to the next one out.

Poker : The Blind C Bet - Earlier this month, on Day Two of the World Poker Tour Bay 101 Shooting Star tournament, I played a great hand against one of the world's best professional poker players, JC Tran.

Michael Binger – My Poker Strategy at the Venetian - Here I want to break down a hand I played last month at the Venetian Deepstacks $5k Main event. With almost 900 entries, this was a great value tournament. I came in feeling good and played my A+ game for 3 days straight. I was big stacked most of tourney, that is until the middle of day 3 when my KK lost to QQ for a 650k pot when the average was 400k.

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