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Gambling Articles

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Listed on the following pages we have hundreds of gambling articles, dealing with many different aspects of gambling. There are poker articles, casino game articles, strategy articles and a bunch og gambling tips for many different games.

Table Selection in Poker - Similarly, I always sit down with the maximum. I have faith in my ability and wish to extract the optimum amount of money from my opponent when I come to double up. If I lose $20, say, then I refill back to the maximum. I don’t want to lose out on any extra shrapnel just because I was unecessarily willing to let my stack dribble down.

Knowing When To Play - Clearly, it depends on the site you play at, but, if it’s one frequented by Americans, then maybe you should consider playing before you go to work. It sounds obscene, but this is when our American friends are at their most vulnerable. Tired, frustrated, tilty, perhaps even intoxicated. Either way, they’re ripe for the picking, and, as sick poker hounds, we need to take advantage.

Tomorrows Another Day - The morale here is that ‘tomorrow is another day’. If you’re feeling tired, then have a break, take a Kit Kat, do whatever you have to do to get back in the zone. And, if you’re simply playing badly, then consider stopping altogether and just try again tomorrow, when you are fresh and on the ball. After all, the world’s not going to end overnight now, is it?

Acknowledging Mistakes - The best players have the ability to acknowledge and learn from their mistakes - it's one of the qualities that make them so good. John D'Agostino noted, "When you listen to the general public you hear, ‘I got so unlucky.' Generally, all you hear the pros talk about is how they played a hand poorly. We understand we make mistakes and we try to get better from them."

Short Stack Play - The key to my short-stack survival was that I was able to steal enough pots to stay alive. There was only one play I could use; move in, and hope everyone folded. It worked out for me, despite the fact I was card dead most of the day.

Poker Tournament Fish - Wait until you flop that monster hand. Dangle a little bait, let them nibble. If you overplay your hand, they will swim away. When they are ready, the fish will grab the hook and you can reel in the fish and the pot. If you give them enough line, these types of players will self-destruct. The hardest part will be to steer clear of the current and outlast them with enough of a chip stack to contend with the increasing blind level.

The Early Days Of Poker - Poker and the Wild Wild West have become synonymous. Though the game existed before the era, it was people like Wild Bill, Doc Holliday, Bat Masterson and Wyatt Earp who made the game exciting. In the 1800’s, at the conclusion of the Civil War, Americans pushed West for prospects. In every mining camp and prairie town existed a poker table, if not a saloon.

Tells In Poker - No good player will knowingly show you the strength of their hand. They will wear hats, sunglasses or shirts with high collars to disguise their weaknesses. Paying attention to the clues that they are unaware of will give you the winning edge to take down more pots.

Do Not Get Short Stacked - The most important thing? Don't give up. A chip and a chair is all you need. Just ask 1982 WSOP Champion Jack Straus, who found one last chip underneath the rail and began a historic comeback.

HighStakes Poker - There are Poker games, there are professional Poker games — and then there are High Stakes Poker games, where hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars are at risk. It is not a game for even the best weekend warriors, as it is the province of seasoned professionals who have spent their entire lives perfecting winning strategies based on their voluminous reading in game theory, card probabilities and odds-making.

When To Check Raise - It’s a good idea to get a general read on an opponent’s style of play before trying a check-raise. If you are matched up with a loose or aggressive player, you are in the best position to try this move because he or she will almost certainly bite. Against tight players, it’s a tougher gambit. Which is not to say you can’t be successful, only that you should proceed with due care.

Do Not Over Play Ace King - The fact of the matter is, A-K is a great hand preflop. Preflop. It might be the fourth-best hand that you can pick up, but remember that it is still an underdog to any pocket pair. In the end, A-K is merely two unpaired cards.

Poker Parallels Parking - You suggest to Alex to wait for a later showing of the movie. But it’s too late because you are already in his car and it is already moving. Alex gears down for launch onto Oak Street, a four-lane, one-way, 40 miles-per-hour autoduct. He accelerates through a right-turn-on-red, into a traffic-gap 17 inches longer than his car. There’s a honk. Alex gestures. You put your seatbelt on.

Folding In Poker - I played poker for ten years before I discovered folding in 1984. That's when I met Bobby. He had a big belly, a big beard, and a big laugh. Bobby was like Santa Claus, minus the giving. He just kept throwing his hand away, and he didn't seem to mind. Then he would carry the money away, and the players didn't seem to mind.

Online Poker Etiquette - Refrain from constantly discussing your hands after the fact, especially if you have folded and are tempted to discuss what could have happened had you stayed in the pot. You are the only one interested in this and it is irrelevant to the other players.

A Way To Approximate Odds - It is very difficult to calculate the exact odds of hitting a drawing hand when you're sitting at the poker table. Unless you're a genius with a gift for mathematics like Chris Ferguson, you will not be able to do it.

Common Mistakes In Poker - A player under-bets the pot. It is incredibly important, especially in No Limit Hold 'em, to make bets large enough to punish opponents for their draws. When a player under-bets the pot and I have a draw, I take advantage of their mistake by just calling the small bet.

Statistics , Analysis and Pot Odds in Poker - Knowing how to to do that is a skill that comes with experience. Veteran poker players can calculate, as soon as their opening cards are dealt and before the flop, whether they'll want to stay in the game. This process is called statistical analysis. In seconds they can assess their chances of winning -- the pot odds

Big Blind Play in Limit Hold 'em - Before I talk about some tricky situations that develop in the big blind, I want to note that you can make your life a little easier by folding some hands pre-flop. If you're holding a medium Ace and you're facing an early position raise from a player who you know plays only good cards up front, then fold.

Bluffing In Hold Em - Bluffing is a great tool in poker. But, like any tool, you need to use it at the right time for the right job. There are several situations when bluffing is most effective, but in every case you should always know your players as well as possible before you try to bluff them: they may already know what you’re up to.

The Poker Script - In an effort to simplify my decisions, every singletime it's my turn to act, I try to run through the same script in my head : Are my opponents playing conservatively ? Aggressively ? Tentatively ?What are some of the hands my opponents are likely to hold? What do my opponents think I have?

The History Of Poker - The origins of poker are difficult to pinpoint. There are a number of theories on the antecedents of the game, and these are widely debated themselves. Common threads can be isolated, however, and what seems certain is that modern poker is more a hybrid of a number of older games, rather than the direct descendant of any one in particular.

The 10 commandments of poker - Making mistakes is only human, and they can mess up the whole game. Here are the 10 commandments of poker, a list of things you should avoid while playing:

Betting Strategy In Poker - Before playing a hand, it’s important to make sure you’re comfortable with the stakes. The stakes are simply the betting levels. For example, a $5/$10 table has minimum betting increments of $5 and $10. Each time you bet, you are laying down either $5 or $10.The manner in which betting actually happens is game-specific; you can read about the various betting rules below:

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