Bodog is proud to host the Bodog Mini-SOP, which features great tournaments and fantastic prizes. Win cash while

Bodog 2009 WSOP

you earn points and work your way up the Tournament Leader Board. Qualify for a spot in the Final Tournament and you will get your chance to win one of three $12,000 WSOP 2009 prize packages and a spot on Team Bodog.

The Bodog Mini-SOP Tournament Series is composed of a series of 25 tournaments that run from Friday, May 30th


2008 to Thursday, July 3rd 2008. The top 30% of finishers in each Mini-SOP tournament will earn points based on their finish. These points will be used to rank players. At the end of the qualifying series we will host two tournaments: a Semifinal on Tuesday, July 8th 2008 for players ranked 5th-100th on the Tournament Leader Board, and then the Final Tournament on Thursday, July 10th 2008, which will feature the top four finishers on the Tournament Leader Board, the top 18 finishers from the Semifinal, and five "Wild Cards" selected randomly from all players that played in at least three Mini-SOP Tournaments. The top three finishers in the Final Tournament will win a $12,000 2009 WSOP* prize package!