Daniel Tzvetkoff enters NOT GUILTY Plea

5/19/10 – Australian and US media reports Wednesday claimed that the disgraced and bankrupt former head of the Intabill e-processing company, Daniel Tzvetkoff, has entered a plea of not guilty on a range of serious internet gambling related charges that include bank fraud conspiracy, money laundering, gambling conspiracy, and money laundering conspiracy.
The 27-year-old Australian entrepreneur apparently entered his plea in response to a federal indictment in the New York Southern District Court in Manhattan following his arrest at a Las Vegas conference last month .
Tzvetkoff has been denied bail in the case, which is alleged to involve illegal transactions amounting to over $500 million.
The reports indicate that his defence is intriguingly based on the argument that online poker is not gambling.
U.S. assistant attorney Arlo Devlin-Brown said, “The gambling industry is using the line that poker is not gambling, that it’s a game of skill and is therefore not gambling.”
Tzvetkoff’s lawyer Martin Weinberg confirmed that this was an “accurate preview” of the defence’s case.
Weinberg revealed that he will call witnesses from Australia when Tzvetkoff goes on trial in June 2011. Until then, the young Australian will remain in a Brooklyn jail.