SR19 – New Jersey Sportsbetting legalization

2/19/10 – New Jersey politicians are to discuss new legalization connected with the state's bid to liberalise online sports betting on Monday 22 February in the state Senate.
SR19 – a proposal authored by Senators Sweeney and Lesniak – is a smart precautionary move designed to authorise the president of the state senate to instigate litigation if necessary in dealing with federal laws related to sports betting in the United States.
The summary reads: "This Senate Resolution would authorize the President of the Senate to take such legal action on behalf of the Senate as the Senate President shall deem appropriate and necessary to challenge enforcement of the federal Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, which establishes a selective prohibition on sports betting in the United States."
The reference to "selective prohibition" refers to federal exemptions on sports betting bans for four states under a "grandfather" clause in earlier federal legalization.

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