The giant search engine Google has opened up two further national markets – Ireland and Austria – to Adwords following its decision late last year to free up the service to UK advertisers.
Affiliate program Income Access reports that operators with an existing licence for Ireland and Austria may wish to start campaigns in these nations immediately, and it has offered to help operators fast-track the ‘white-listing’ process with Google Adwords.

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“Seeing two more Adwords jurisdictions open up to online gaming shows how the industry has matured,” Nicky Senyard, Chief Executive Officer for Income Access, commented.
“These changes in Google’s policy represent a significant opportunity for operators and affiliates to boost their traffic. Through our SEM agency, Income Access offers both parties all the support they need to become ‘white-listed’ in these jurisdictions and deploy Adwords campaigns that are optimised for the iGaming marketplace.”
Income Access noted that affiliates promoting ‘white-listed’ operators in Ireland and Austria can leverage Google Adwords as a traffic source. By using its Affiliate Custom Tracking tools, affiliates can track how certain keywords convert in a referral.

Affiliates can also view their PPC reports against the players that come in and discover which types of players are coming through on which keywords and learn about their lifecycle.