Canadian academics, legal eagles and problem gambling counsellors will be getting it together later this week in the convivial and spectacular surroundings of Banff in the Canadian Rockies to discuss the impact of Internet gambling on the industry.
Organised under the auspices of the Alberta Gaming Research Institute and the University of Lethbridge, the event is the eighth in a series of special interest conferences in the area of gambling studies. The university has recently published its findings on Internet gambling after an academic study involving some 20 000 respondents which should provide some grist for the conference mill.
The conference will discuss the latest research on the prevalence and patterns of online gambling around the world; regulatory approaches used in different countries; the experience of jurisdictions currently providing online gambling; lessons learned from online stock market trading; concerns with and potential remedies to the issues/problems associated with online gambling; pros and cons of different policy options; online treatment for problem gambling; and poker bots.