If nothing else, the branding on Alsart Group's new online casino will intrigue online gamblers. Branded Ya888Ya, the operation is targeted on mainly Russian and CIS players, and is powered by Playtech, which has other business associations with Alsart through its Videobet product line.
For those not familiar with Alsart  it is an international Russian-based management company that specialises in the entertainment business and is one of the largest gaming operators in CIS region. The company has a large range of land betting shops and casinos, which the new online casino will complement.
The launch of Ya888Ya is the latest in a series of steps the group has undertaken in order to expand the services offered in Russia and the CIS, including a new land casino in Vinnitsa, Ukraine and the opening of a new slot shop located in the business centre of Kyev.
Alsart's online operation at ya888ya.com offers a range of over 120 games including classics like Blackjack, Roulette and Progressive Slots as well as Live Dealer games, all backed by a loyalty program and full player Support and financial facilities on a professional and attractive multi-lingual, multi-currency website.