Monday, October 24,2011 : Player collects $129,229.51 by losing with quad queens at Americas Cardroom's Bad Beat Jackpot tables
An online poker player using the handle ‘thebigtiger' is laughing in the face of misfortune after popping the Bad Beat Jackpot at Americas Cardroom on Friday afternoon, shortly after it had passed the $431,000 mark.
The winner of the hand, ‘Joyride41', takes home $86,144.37, and four other table participants are now $10,771.27 richer.
The badbeat hit at 15:01pm ET time on Friday, right after thebigtiger pushed all-in with pocket Queens. Joyride41 quickly called with his pocket Kings. Two Kings hit the board on the flop, along with a Queen, securing the hand for Joyride41. But a second Queen on turn changed everything and shipped $129,229.51 to thebigtiger.

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