Once again David Benyamine has been involved in a huge pot in online play, only this time he came out worst.

In a high-stakes game involving Benyamine, Patrik Antonius and Phil Ivey, Benyamine ended up losing $339,041, the bulk of which came in a hand against Patrik Antonius.

Benyamine was dealt 9c-10c while Antonius held Kc-Qc. Benyamine immediately hit a straight when the flop was revealed, but Antonius was still in the running, needing a nine or an ace on the turn or river.

The French poker pro went all in but was called by Antonius, a move that was proved to be highly profitable for the Finnish player when his ace appeared on fifth street.

He ended up raking in a pot of $438,964, which enabled him to finish "well in the green".

In related news, Benyamine won a pot in excess of $600,000 in online play earlier this year.

This record-breaking hand was soon eclipsed by online player patatino who took in an even larger pot in the same weekend when he won with a pair of twos.