Poker: Antonius vs. Dwan Poker Challenge Update

9/5/09 – Patrick Antonius and Tom ‘durrr' Dwan played another short episode in their 50 000-hand, million dollar endurance challenge as the week ended, but it was an unremarkable clash that saw Dwan come out ahead by around $27 000.


The two played 458 hands in which another $37 million crossed the felt, and moved the whole long-running affair forward by a percentage point to 46 percent complete.
Dwan went on to explore the action on the $300/$600 Pot Limit Omaha and even riskier $500/$1 000 NLHE high stakes virtual tables, but it was not a happy experience for the daring pro who found himself down $860 000 on the session, thanks mainly to the equally aggressive and audacious Di ‘urindanger' Dang.

Despite the big losses, there was no repetition of the massive, railbird-pulling pots that characterised the action earlier last week.

MarketPulse gives the following update on the Dwan Challenge numbers:
* Total amount wagered in the challenge so far: $178 255 830
* Amount durrrr is behind at present: $39 287
* Total hands played so far: 23 197
* Percentage of challenge completed: 46 percent