The founder of the Association of Players, Casinos & Webmasters (APCW) J.Todd has announced that his company has been acquired by Michael Corfman's Casino City group for an unspecified consideration. Todd remains with the organisation and will continue to produce his "Perspectives" video program posted weekly on
Casino City specialises in online gambling information and news, and additionally manages the Gambling Portal Webmaster Association ( and Rolling Good Times News (RGT Online).
Todd advised APCW members this week that there will be major changes, as the Casino City Group is to invest many of it's resources into creating a new APCW site that will better serve it's members. This includes a total site redesign, better video equipment and production, faster access to industry news and information, increased funding to re-establish an aggressive quality control and auditing program for casinos and affiliate programs, and a staff to handle the operational aspects that previously "…overwhelmed the two of us who ran the entire site on our own."
Todd has been appointed APCW Executive Director and will continue to produce videos with the cooperation of Casino City's CEO Michael Corfman.
"We thank you for your support and look forward to delivering a more committed, aggressive, and efficient APCW to better serve our members and the industry," Todd informed his members. "Please be patient over the next few weeks as websites are moved around and re-built, and email and phone services are re-routed."