The winner of the main event at the Asia Pacific Poker Tour (APPT) in Macau has been knocked out in the first day of the Manila stop.

Eddy Sabat's hopes of earning a second APPT title were dashed after just a few hours of play.

The hand that sent him two the rail saw three players paying to see the flop after two pre-flop raises.

All the gamers checked when Ah-5h-Qc appeared on the board and, with a large pot up for grabs, the king of hearts appeared on the turn.

The first player to bet raised 6,000 chips, and Yoshihiro Tasaka folded, but Sabat called to stay in the hand.

Another heart, this time a two, appeared on fifth street, prompting Sabat's opponent to push all-in.

The winner of the inaugural main event in season two of the APPT considered for a while before time was called on him by his opponent.

Sabat decided to see the other gamer's cards, which turned out to be the jack and nine of hearts, giving him a flush and the hand.

His win earlier on the tour earned the Californian more than $450,000