Poker players in Hungary will soon be able to play on automated tables which allow more hands to be played per hour.

The Monte Carlo Budapest casino has had seven new PokerPro tables installed by US firm PokerTek, after the technology was successfully introduced into Spain and Bulgaria.

Daniel Lindsay, general manager of sales and marketing for Aristocrat Europe, PokerTek's distributions partner, said that the PokerPro tables have been a "wonderful offering for the company".

His view was echoed by Attila Torok, director of the Budapest casino, who said: " "We are delighted to offer such an exceptional product which is a unique concept to Hungary."

Mr Torok's gaming venue has become the first eastern European country to host the PokerPro tables

The PokerTek tables are already in use in a number of other poker playing facilities across the world, including the Trump Plaza casino in Atlantic City, which announced that it will be hosting a poker tournament where players can use the machines.