IPN Poker $600,000 bad beat Jackpot

11/11/09 – GTech G2's International Poker Network has awarded a record Euro 601 000 Bad Beat jackpot, with the primary player involved collecting Euro 210 000.
Boasting that the IPN is one of the world’s largest independent poker networks with over three million players, a spokesman said there are nearly 10 000 players competing at more than 1 500 tables at any given time on the network.
The lucky hand in question saw online competitor ‘Roger2010’ take home Euro 210 508 after his quad eights were beaten by four queens on a Euo 0.50/Euro 1 no-limit table. In addition, the winner of the hand, ‘o1nfl1p’, walked away richer to the tune of Euro 105 254 while the other players at the virtual table were each given Euro 15 036.
“We boosted the jackpot last week so that the next winner will get at least Euro 100 000,” said Per Karlsson, head of poker for GTech G2.
The IPN’s bad beat jackpot was last hit in August for $412 000.
To qualify for a bad beat jackpot, IPN players must be at a designated Bad Beat table and use both pocket cards in their winning or losing hand. The losing hand must be four-of-a-kind sixes or better, the lowest qualifying requirement of any poker network, with at least four players in the game.