Icelandic officials have apparently laid charges against the Malta-licensed Swedish online gambling company Betsson for advertising gambling services in the local media, reports the Iceland Review, claiming that gambling in the country is illegal.
The officials appear to be having a hard time finding the right person to talk to, and have called in Icelandic lawyer Sigurdur G. Gudjónsson who has represented the company in other matters. But Gudjónsson has been critical of Bodog Life Pokerthe move, describing  the entire proceedings as "absurd."
Gudjónsson told the local newspaper Fréttabladid that the case smacks of prescriptivism, and that the entire pleadings are absurd. For example, he said, the Icelandic authorities have had difficulties finding people to question in relation to the case.
“They asked me to come in for questioning but I have only given [Betsson] legal advice so it is ridiculous that I should be questioned in this case,” Gudjónsson said.
“The only man who they could possible press charges against is Thórmundur Bergsson at MediaCom. It is a company that offers consultancy on where advertisements should be placed in consideration of certain target groups,” Gudjónsson concluded.