Online bingo provider, Platinum Play Bingo has launched a new offering, Bingo Ball for Life, which it claims is a world-first for bingo players, allowing them to own an individual lucky bingo number and customise their own bingo ball with the opportunity to win up to  GBP 50 000.
Registered Platinum Play Bingo players select their lucky bingo number by either choosing it for themselves or by completing a ‘Bingology' quiz. This then becomes their permanent Bingo-Ball-for-Life number; and if any player completes a Full-House on their lucky number, they will win the major cash prize.
The Jackpot starts off at GBP 1 000 in week one, and for every week that the jackpot is not won, a further GBP 1 000 is added to the pool, which is maxed at GBP 50 000, after which it will be paid out to those that came the closest.
Once the player has his or her lucky number, they may wish to customise that individual bingo ball. Everything from hands, eyes, hairstyles, shoes and accessories can be personalised. Players can base these avatars on their own self-image or make them look as unique as they wish.
Platinum Play is one of the Fortune Lounge Group's online casinos, offering both bingo and other casino games.