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Calvin Ayre Interview on Bodog –

We all know Bodog lost there doman name a while back, well it seems like it is theres again. Used to be if you went to and you were redirected to a parked page. Heres the story on when they lost there domain.

Then Bodog started to fight its patent lawsuit case, which can be read about here.

Now today it seems like they have the domain back. No official release has been made of this yet but if you go to  you are redirected to Bodoglife, which is there alternate website, not to a parked page.

Hopefully this is the case, as Bodog deserves to have there name back. We will keep you updated on the results. Check back often.

Part of the Press release: 1st Technology, LLC and the Morris Mohawk Gaming Group have reached a resolution of all litigation relating to 1st Technology's judgment secured against the Costa Rican entity Data Entry and Domain Management S.A. (f.k.a. Bodog Entertainment Group S.A.).

This settlement ends the series of 1st Technology's lawsuits addressing the alleged use of patents in the 1st Technology portfolio. The settlement also resolves 1st Technology's judgment collection efforts.

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