Alwyn Morris, the CEO of the Morris Mohawk Gaming Group which handles Bodog's North American activities, has responded to reports earlier this week that the online gambling group is in trouble and has laid off hundreds of employees. 

Morris said that Bodog itself has not seen any layoffs.
"The layoffs in question have actually taken place with a firm that provides Bodog some software and marketing support, but we are confident their service levels to us have not been, and will not be affected," he wrote. "Bodog has not and is not planning to close its doors to any market. In fact, Bodog is researching new potential markets and will continue to accept new players from all existing markets.”
Morris did not comment on reports that US federal authorities are conducting in-depth investigations into Bodog activities and financial processing connections.
With strong indications that the companies involved in the staff cuts are more than mere independent suppliers to Bodog – there are alleged ownership links to the company – the statement may be somewhat disingenuous.