The release of the new 007 film Quantum of Solace could provide the UK gaming industry with a boost in trade, it has been suggested.

According to Paul Rety, a venue director at the Alea Casino in Glasgow, the release of a new Bond film often increases the interest of the public in casino games such as poker, reports Deadline Scotland.

Mr Rety told the news provider: "With the release of the new film, interest in the casinos increases.

"I'm sure that the launch of Quantum of Solace will inspire more Scots to look for a taste of the James Bond lifestyle."

The film was released in cinemas across the UK on Friday October 31st and is the second time Daniel Craig has taken on the role of the suave secret agent.

Craig's incarnation of Bond could prove to be particularly beneficial to the gaming industry as his first appearance was in Casino Royale in which he faced off with arch-villain Le Chiffre in a high-stakes poker game

This is the second time Ian Fleming's novel has been adapted into a movie, the first was an early spy spoof featuring Peter Sellers in the lead role.