A recent British survey suggests that online poker players want more information about the websites they use to gamble online. The majority of UK online gamers want the newly formed Gambling Commission to play a bigger role in the implementation of the British Gambling Act.

The survey was conducted by English company Prime Table Games, it suggests that people want information on  who gets what on the sites they spend money at. The survey indicated that 73 percent of people, when asked, said they would like to know if online gaming sites are maintained by a third-party company.

In addition to that, 31 percent of those surveyed were against the outsourcing of online gaming business in any form. Another sore issue for many players is affiliates and their role in the online gambling industry.

When everything was tallied up, it turned out that 81 percent of people want online gaming sites to share information on money paid to affiliate sites, 44 percent of those surveyed said they are less likely to play at a site where the company shares their money with an outside affiliate site.

Residents of the UK prefer to keep their money in their own country – 67 percent of people that say they would prefer to do their online gambling on a UK approved sites, instead of sites located overseas.

"Gamblers have clear expectations of how online gaming should operate. It's vital that as the industry redefines itself in the light of the Gambling Act that the Gambling Commission aims to meet those expectations," explained Derek Webb, head of Prime Table Games.