Luke Priour has emerged as the winner in the fifth event at the Caesars Palace Classic after a fast final table.

The $1,000 no-limit hold'em event had a field of 175 players and the first day was "a long and gruelling affair".

However, once the final ten were decided, the pace picked up a bit, with Michael Fraser and Al Cocaizzi falling soon after play began.

By the time it came down to heads-up play, Priour had taken a substantial chip-lead over Jason Mann who held only 160,000.

The final blow for Mann came when he pushed all in before the flop with A-Q offsuit and was called by Priour with 9-2 offsuit.

Despite being dominated preflop, Priour found a two on the flop which defeated Mann's ace high, earning him $51,756.

Before his win in the Caesars Palace Classic, Priour had amassed a total of $74,115 in winnings.

His biggest single cash was in the Inaugural Caesars Palace Classic 2007 when he came in first in event seven, which was also a no-limit hold'em tournament.