Aside from picking up a nice wad of cash for eliminating a bounty, where is the lasting legacy? The record of achievement? Well, we're adding some fun to April by having custom lists in every Player Admin, which records your Bounty eliminations!


Each time you eliminate a player from one of CarbonPoker's new bounty tournaments (either MTT or Sit n' Go), their name will be added to the unique graveyard listing, available in your player admin. Both your "kills" and "deaths' will be listed, and the top killers of the promotion will share in the prizepool.

The bounty graveyard will be active in admin from April 1st to the 15th. Our new bounty tournaments are already extremely popular, with hundreds of players entering to win cash in more ways than one. We are running the leaderboard on a daily and weekly basis, with cash being won every step of the way.

The top three bounty hunters of the day will share in a $150 prize pool, and we are also awarding $1000 every week to the top ten players! The leaderboard pay structure is as follows:

Weekly: Top 10

1st – $300
2nd – $200
3rd – $150
4th – $75
5th – $75
6th – $50
7th – $50
8th – $50
9th – $25
10th – $25

1st – $75
2nd – $50
3rd – $25