No-slow rakeback payments seem likely to sink a relatively new skin on the Cake Poker network branded  The allegations started surfacing in November 2008 and this week became the subject of discussion and some criticism at respected venues like the 2+2 message board and Nat Arem's blog.
Arem, a usually reliable source for online poker information went so far as to warn punters:  "I want to make Pokerstarseveryone aware, that, if you do sign up for a Cake Poker network rakeback account, do NOT do it at CardSpike.  CardSpike is a rogue skin on the Cake Poker network that has been delaying making payouts for months now." 
"If you’re going to sign up for rakeback on the Cake Network, do it either at Cake Poker or at Players Only," Arem continues. "There are many reputable rakeback operators who run rakeback on these networks," he advises, before going on to name some of the more reputable sites that will always pay monies due on time and without hassles.
It appears that some affiliates are fighting for their players to be paid through the Effective Media program, which apparently manages affiliate affairs for CardSpike.