The super online poker network Cereus, owned by Tokwiro Enterprises and formed by merging the player bases of UltimateBet and Absolute Poker is to launch this week.
Marketing affiliates were alerted last week by emails from the Chipleader affiliate program that the operational launch – announced some months ago  – was on schedule for November 25th.
With the $15 million lawsuit against Excapsa for providing flawed software now settled, and more money in the kitty to pay players prejudiced by the cheating scandals earlier this year at Ultimate and Absolute, the Cereus project can move forward unencumbered by the historical baggage of the debacle.
Twelve months in the planning according to Tokwiro information, Cereus was designed to deliver a secure, responsive, and flexible online poker gaming experience for the UB/AP player base, creating one large network with solid player liquidity and bigger player incentives.