The autocratic Chinese government is strengthening it's stranglehold on regional use of the Internet through a new law that requires all new computers in the rigidly controlled nation to come pre-fitted with software specifically designed to block any websites that the government deems to be unsuitable. It is likely that online gambling sites will be among government targets.
The software will be supplied from July 1st by Jinhui Computer System Engineering Company, manufacturers have been told, although no public announcement has yet been made.
The official government line on the new restrictions is that the nation's young and vulnerable must be protected from harmful Internet content, with pornography and gambling as clear targets, and political censorship a possibility.
Bryan Zhang of Jinhui Computer System Engineering, says the company will transmit new banned addresses to users' PCs through an Internet update system similar to that used by operating system software and antivirus programs, ensuring that government requirements are kept up to date.