3/4/10 – The Kansas City Grand Jury investigation into online sports betting has delivered another guilty plea in a federal court.
This week Vincent F. Civella (53) became the sixth local suspect to plead guilty to participating in an online sports betting operation, the U.S. Attorney for Western Missouri reports.
The operation used the Internet and a gambling website in Costa Rica to take bets.
Civella admitted he was part of the operation from March 2006 to March 2009 and earned about $40 000, which he is prepared to surrender to the government. Sentencing hasn't been scheduled yet, but such cases can result in up to five years without parole, plus a $250 000 fine.
Civella, who according to local media reports is a member of a family that was at one time involved in organised crime activities in Kansas City, will be sentenced after a pre-sentence investigation is completed.