Day 4 action was called to a close at 189 players as we went to press, and will continue tomorrow as the organisers strive to get the field down to 27 players. Jeremy Joseph has maintained his chip lead from Day 3 and is currently sitting pretty on 3.1 million, followed by Critian Dragomir on 2.065 million; David Rheem on 2 million;  Nickolay Losev on 1.8 million and Andrew Rosskamm on 1.745 million.
Former WSOP champion Phil Hellmuth is still in play, although shortstacked at around 400 000, having taken some punishment from Pokerstars Internet player Santeri Valikosi. Hellmuth's fellow champ, Johnny ‘The Orient Express' Chan has not been so fortunate and will not be going any further in this year's Main Event. The average stack in the room is a little over 700 000.
Other Day 4 eliminations of note have been Jean-Robert Bellande, the seven-time World Snooker Champ Steve Davis, and Patrik Antonius's wife Maya.
Still in play are Brandon Cantu, Hoyt Corkins, Mike Matusow, Gus Hansen and Internet player Hevad Kahn, who has been far more restrained in his table behaviour this year.