Amateur Poker Tournament Sponsored by DC Brands International Cancelled – DC Brands Reacts to Last Minute Cancellation

DENVER, CO — (MARKET WIRE) — May 07, 2007 — DC Brands International was disappointed to learn of the last minute cancellation of its most recent sponsored event. The Amateur Poker Tournament was scheduled to take place at Binion's Casino in Las Vegas on May 4-7, 2007. The tournament was abruptly called off due to miscommunication between the casino and event organizers surrounding clearance from the Nevada Gaming Commission. President and CEO Richard Pearce and Executive Vice President Richard Muscarella had left for Las Vegas on Thursday to attend the tournament but learned of the unfortunate turn of events only hours before play was set to begin.

"We had expedited various projects including the printing of t-shirts, fast-tracked shipment of Turn Left and Dickens Energy Cider, and had flown in our DC Girls in order to have a strong presence at the tournament and maximize our sponsorship," said Pearce. "Although the money we put into the event is being reimbursed by the organizer, we are nevertheless upset that this quality tournament wasn't seen to completion."

The tournament will be rescheduled for a yet-to-be determined date in July at a new venue.