Poker guru David Downing has said that the key to being a successful poker pro is to ensure that games are selected carefully.

In his blog, he noted that if a player is the ninth worst in the world, he could still be the winner if he is playing the eight worst.

He says that gamblers who play regularly in a particular game should know who the regulars are and should also look at lower stakes games.

The reason he gives for this is that if a lower stakes player appears in a high stakes game, there may be the potential to earn a large amount of money.

He says that often they will play too tight and when things start to go badly, they "are prone to screaming, eye-bleeding tilt". This, according to Downing, is the time to pick these competitors off.

In an earlier article, Downing noted that famous players, such as Phil Ivey, often get plenty of action early on in tournaments because his opponents "don't want to be bullied by Ivey".