Online poker aces Patrik Antonius and Tom ‘durrr' Dwan got it together for another 890 hands Thursday, although the session count at Full Tilt Poker for the epic 50 000 hand online poker marathon appears to have jumped from 12 to 17 with little record of what happened in the brief period from session 12  to session 17.
That said, we will take Full Tilt at its word and report that session 17 saw the two online poker aces pass the 20 percent complete mark with a 890 hand session that brings total hands played thus far to 10 180, with Antonius still ahead although by a slightly lower margin at $79 277.
This session saw some marked swings in pot size, including seven pots that reached $100 000; the two pretty evenly matched players have now wagered a total of $ 59 246 993 in the competition. Biggest pot of the session was a whopping $292 000, which Dwan took.
Interesting stats from the independent poker site MarketPulse show that so the average pot size in the challenge is $4 124 and that total time played as session 17 ended was 31 hours and 40 minutes.