The online, multi-table, million dollar Tom ‘durrr' Dwan Challenge featured an unexpected but brief spurt of activity this week despite the distraction to Patrik Antonius and Tom Dwan that the currently running World Series of Poker presents.
The two pros were slugged it out for just over a further two hundred hands, bring the number of hands played in the 50 000 hand challenge to 15 338 with an average pot size of around $4 658, according to MarketPulse statistics.
In the hour long session Dwan, who has been lagging consistently behind his Finnish opponent in recent clashes, managed to come out $36 000 ahead, although he still trails overall by some $412 000.
The largest pot in this session was almost $90 000 and went to Antonius, but it was not enough to stop Dwan from coming out ahead at the end of the brief session.
So far $100 407 856 has been wagered over some 198 hours of action in the Challenge with Antonius leading on a total of $412 000 in winnings.