Dwan vs. Antonius Update

For the second time in the last 24 hours, Tom Dwan and Patrik Antonius sat down and did battle in the 50 000 hand, million dollar Challenge series last night, going at it for over 4 hours and bringing the total hands played to date to 22 683. Pokerstars
It was a torrid affair, with 1 241 hectic hands of super-aggressive poker in which 11 pots worth $100 000 and five of $150 000 each were on the table at various times.

Most of these were taken by a rampant Antonius, who turned his recent fall in fortune around to end the session $415 311 up, completely obliterating Dwan's prior overall $700 000 lead in the Challenge to command the series to date by $76 104.
Dwan did, however, take the largest pot of the session at $230 000.
In the early hours of the morning Antonius finally pleaded fatigue and the duo called it a night.
MarketPulse gives the latest summary of the Challenge as follows:
* Total amount wagered in the challenge: $174 501 617
* Amount Dwan is now trailing: $81 112
* Total hands played so far: 22 683
* Percentage of challenge completed: 45 percent.