Tom Dwan Loses another 674K to Isildur1

11/22/09 – The indefatigable, and apparently insatiable, online poker ace Tom Dwan was back at the virtual nosebleed tables again Friday night despite a hectic week of both live and online poker action.  And predictably he targeted Swedish mystery player Isildur1 on the high stakes tables at Full Tilt, undoubtedly seeking to redress the earlier reverses he has suffered playing what increasingly appears to be his poker nemesis.
After taking a $137 000 hit from a short but intense $500/$1 000 NHLE session heads up against ‘DjAdi', Dwan sought out Isildur1 on the $500/$1 000 Pot-Limit Omaha tables, starting well by taking a $190 000 pot almost immediately before the 546 hand clash settled down with big, although not gigantic, $100 000 pots changing hands.
According to the independent poker stats site MarketPulse, the biggest pot of the one hour session – around $402 000 – was taken by Dwan, but he then fell on hard times, losing a series of big-money pots before finally retiring down $674 000 to Isildur1 and a whopping $811 000 on the night.
MarketPulse observes that Dwan's losses this year now approach $6 million, but this does not appear to have lessened his appetite for the high risk game of playing top pros for huge stakes.