2/1/10 – After a famine of 36 days in the Dwan 50 000 hand challenge against Patrik Antonius, the last two days have seen a feast as the duo clashed again not once, but twice in 48 hours.  And on both occasions it was Tom Dwan who walked away the winner, bringing his supremacy in the series thus far to over a million dollars.
Following Thursday's clash  the two came together online again Friday for around three-and-a-quarter hours of action over 4 virtual tables, completing another 892 hands of the Challenge and taking the total played to date to 31 912 hands.
Once again, Dwan emerged the winner of the session, leading almost the whole way and adding almost $200 000 to bring his overall lead to $ 1 077 932.
The challenge is almost a year old and is now 64 percent complete.