Latest news on the continuing million-dollar, 50 000 hand NLHE poker challenge thrown down by Tom ‘durrr' Dwan is that he and his first challenger, Patrik Antonius, managed to complete another 425 hand session Friday which saw Antonius regain the lead.
The Monaco-based poker ace is now around $108 000 ahead…but there are still 44483 hands to play and in this exciting confrontation anything can happen, and probably will.
Unfortunately the session had to abandoned due to bad Internet connections, with the latest clash bringing to 5 517 the total number of hands played between Dwan and Antonius.
Full Tilt, the venue for the sessions, reports that Dwan has won 3 010 of the hands played so far, with an average dollar won per hand of $1 772.10. Antonius' rate of win has been $2 188.17 per hand.