The holiday weekend has seen an active phase in the million dollar, 50 000 hand Tom ‘durrr' Dwan challenge as fighting Finn, Patrik Antonius again managed to take the lead from Dwan in a further session which saw the total number of hands played reach 11 949 and the total amount wagered, $70 445 654.
In this session, Antonius managed to eclipse Dwan's earlier $78 062 lead and finish the over two-and-a-half hour, 966 hand session ahead by $61 412. During the session Antonius won the third biggest pot to date in the challenge for $196 665.
There are now 38 051 hands still to be played in the challenge after 37 hours of poker action to date.
The latest challenge saw both players initially buying in at $80 000 on each of the four $200/$400 pot limit Omaha tables specified in the challenge, with re-buys during the game of up to $40 000.