Durrr POKER Challenge Reaches Halfway Mark

10/8/09 – Eight months after playing the first hand in the million dollar, 50 000 hand Dwan Challenge, first contestant Patrik Antonius and Tom Dwan hit the virtual tables again this week in a determined assault on the slow-moving competition. Pokerstars
The two managed to at last crack the halfway mark in the challenge, playing 1 063 hands from which Dwan emerged the victor, up $418 000 in the session which increased his overall lead in the challenge to $697 000.
Biggest pot in the current session, in which a total of over $5 million was wagered, was around $195 000 and was taken by Dwan, along with the second largest pot of $187 000.
The independent stats site MarketPulse records the numbers as follows:
* Play in current session: 3 hours
* Total amount wagered in the challenge to date: $197 676 601
* Dwan's current lead: $697 532
* Total hands played so far in the challenge: 25 145
* Percentage of challenge now completed: 50.3