After an hiatus of 13 days, Patrik Antonius and Tom ‘durrr' Dwan joined battle again this week in the 50 000 hand, multi-table challenge initiated by Dwan. This session, which involved 842 hands, brings the total number played in the challenge so far to almost 13 000.
Antonius again prevailed, building his overall lead to $159 727. Dwan had the consolation of taking the third largest pot, at almost 199 000, in the challenge so far, but it was not enough to hold off his opponent, who took several large pots in the game, including a major win of $150 000 in the closing stages of the session.
MarketPulse statistics indicate that $78 644 884 has crossed the table back and forth in the 41 hours of action in the challenge, but with 37 044 hands yet to be played there is still plenty of scope for changes in fortune. World's largest poker site giving away $50 free. Visit Pokerstars to claim.