England's Dusk till Dawn poker room will be hosting the Greek Poker Championship (GPC) between November 14th and 16th.

The main event will be held on November 15th. It will be a £400 ($682) buy-in no-limit hold'em freeze-out competition.

A starting stack of 7,500 will be held by each player and there will be a 30-minute clock.

This event will only be open to Greek players or those who hail from Cyprus.

Dusk till Dawn is the surrogate host for the national championship, although it is not the first time the venue has served this purpose.

In April and May 2008, it held the Norwegian Poker Championship, which was only open to players of Norwegian origin.

The venue was opened by Rob Yong and Nick Whiten, who decided to open their own poker room after being refused entry to a tournament for being one minute late.

It has 15,000 square feet and players can choose from 46 tables which offer Omaha and Texas hold'em.