Patrik Antonius and Tom ‘durrr' Dwan managed to fit in another session of their 50 000 hand, multi-table online Challenge mid-week, playing a 786 hand blitz-fast series which saw a further $7 000 000 fly across the table and Dwan claw his way back into real contention by reducing Antonius's overall lead in the Challenge to $34 594.
The game statistics from MarketPulse show an average pot-size for the session of $4 737, but there were six major pots each over $100 000….and Dwan took five of them.
Dwan emerged victorious for the first time in several recent clashes, winning $376 597 as the Challenge passed the 16 100 hand mark, or 32 percent of completed.
A  total of $107 475 899 has now been wagered in the Challenge