More hands played in DWAN Challenge

2/10/10 – Another three hour chapter in the Dwan 50 000 hand, million dollar Challenge against Patrik Antonius has passed into history, with Dwan stretching his overall lead in the Challenge by $314 828 after 883 hands of $200/$400 Pot-Limit Omaha action.
Dwan now has a $1.3 million overall lead in the Challenge as success continued to elude his talented Finnish opponent, although Antonius did manage to win the biggest pot of the current exchange at $150 000. The duo last met at the end of January, when Dwan again prevailed.
MarketPulse, which is keeping an independent track of the Challenge, gives the following current position:
* Total amount wagered so far: $268 728 143
* Amount by which Dwan leads overall: $1 392 760
* Biggest pot of the latest session: $150 778
* Hands played overall thus far: 32 795
* Amount of rake made by Full Tilt from the Challenge so far: $7 405…value of publicity: priceless.
* Hours played in the challenge so far: 104
* Percentage of challenge completed: 66 percent