Tom ‘durrr' Dwan and Patrik Antonius got it together for another 460 hands in their 50 000 hand million dollar Intenret poker competition last night, bringing the total number of sessions played to date to 7 093, with Antonius taking a late lead to finish the game $92 000 ahead.
With 42 907 hands still to go, there's plenty of time and opportunities for Dwan to get ahead again; in the latest clash he was well ahead at one stage, taking several six-figure pots, but suffered a reversal of fortune that put his opponent ahead.  Dwan subsequently called for an end to the session, admitting he was on tilt and needed a break.
His stress was perhaps understandable, given that he had a very active night in addition to his competition against Antonius. He was also in action in diverse online games at Full Tilt against top players like Sahamies, Ivey and Hansen, losing some major pots – one of $320 000, another of $265 000.
MarketPulse stats indicate that thus far $40 995 079 has been wagered in Dwan's million dollar, multi-table challenge, with the average pot size up at $8 831 and a total of 22 hours of play logged thus far.