Sunday,  November 6, 2011 : Research and information service on problem gambling
Web development company Electric Putty has been commissioned by the UK-based Responsible Gambling Fund (RGF) to develop an online information hub that will provide easy access to research and information on problem gambling in Britain.
The information hub will provide services to:
–     Researchers, including those new to the field, enabling them to search for new articles and publications as well as current policy documents relevant to their area of interest.
–     Treatment providers, including those not currently providing treatment to problem gamblers, will be able to use the hub to search for practice guidance, service evaluations, prevalence and problem gambling statistics.
–     Those referring people to treatment services in order to search for basic, easily accessible information on dealing with problem gambling in their specific area of interest, e.g. GP practices or debt advice agencies.
–     Education and harm prevention services to search for existing practice and evaluation, identified need and possible regulation.
–     Policy makers, including government, regulators and local authorities, to search for up-to-date statistics and overviews of particular topics.
–     Current and potential funders to search for up-to-date statistics, regulatory documents and overviews of particular topics.
The online resource is scheduled for launch in February 2012.