Three out of four French residents mistrust Internet gambling

1/10/10 – According to a study by the research company Taylor Nelson Sofres, online gambling operators have a hill to climb before the country liberalises its gambling policies – the research has produced the shocking finding that three out of four French citizens mistrust online gaming.
Research from the country ahead of the planned liberalisation later this year has shown that out of the 48 percent of French citizens who participate in some form of gambling, only 4 percent do so online.
The study was conducted among a generous national sample of 4 377 people, and showed that three out of four French gamblers mistrust online gaming, with only 3 percent of respondents having complete trust.
According to the research, one of the current state monopolies, the Pari Mutuel Urbain, is the best known online gambling provider in France with 47 percent of respondents being aware of the brand, followed by the other state monopoly Francaise de Jeux at 22 percent, Betclic at 10 percent and Bwin at 9 percent.