Clonie’s second run lawsuit at Full Tilt thrown out

10/24/09  – Professional poker player Clonie Gowen's $40 million attempt to sue Full Tilt Poker et al for breach of contract  has been dismissed a second time by a federal judge, although she has one last shot at a resolution.
The suit concerns alleged oral agreements some years ago on a share in Full Tilt in return for Gowen's involvement as a high profile professional poker player. Initially filed late last (2008) year against Full Tilt and associated companies and professional poker players, the case was dismissed by the courts in April this year, but appeared on the roll again after Gowen amended her suit.
Last week the case was again presented to federal Judge Robert C. Jones, who denied Gowen's appeal and granted Full Tilt's latest motion to dismiss the complaint.
Judge Jones gave Gowen one last shot at a resolution, however, granting her leave to make a third and final appeal against Full Tilt Poker associate company Tiltware in isolation.  But Gowen will have to move quickly, as the window of opportunity for such a third appeal is open only until October 29, 2009.