Robot Play Accused In Fulltilt Poker Case

10/2/09 – The US entertainment publication reports that two Californian players, Lary Kennedy and Greg Omotoy, have launched litigation against the giant online poker website Full Tilt and various top players alleged to be associated with the company.
The duo claim that they opened an account at Full Tilt and were skilled and fortunate enough to win $80 000. However, when the time came to cash out, the winnings were denied on the grounds that the two men had used robots in their play, specifically forbidden in the terms and conditions which all players are required to accept before playing on the site.

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The litigation has been filed in the Los Angeles County Superior Court, and include other accusations that Full Tilt manipulates its games through the use of robots of its own.
Full Tilt apparently engaged an independent specialist to review the two men's accounts, and the ensuing report found that the records indicated that robots had been used. Insiders also claimed that the one of the complainants was suspected of having more than one account, another contravention of the T&Cs.
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