Gamboozle Poker Subscrption Club

12.8.09 – Vancouver Internet services group Intelimax Media Inc. has announced the completion of development on its Gamboozle platform, a new proprietary subscription model gaming platform to be launched on Gamboozle in early January.
The company hopes to generate revenues from a continual growth in membership and additional revenues from advertising, and cites a current captive market of 100 000 members monetised at a recurring model of $9.95.

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"By completing the development of the Gamboozle 3.0 platform and subscription model software, we expect to realize the significant revenue potential of our business," said Charles Green, CEO. "Our launch of the new model on the Gamboozle website in January is the beginning of a potentially considerable and recurring revenue stream."
The new subscription software includes a poker platform, social network, and unique referral system.
"Due to the social nature of the game of poker, the addition of social networking features seemed obvious," said Green. "Considering the success of sites like Facebook and MySpace, we are convinced that any Internet website moving forward will require features that enable the growth of a thriving community."