GigaMedia President Resigns

Wednesday, November 9, 2011 :  GIGAMEDIA PRESIDENT AND COO RESIGNS
Leaving to pursue personal interests
Gaming software and service provider GigaMedia Limited's president and chief operating officer Thomas Hui will leave the company at year's end after tendering his resignation this week.
Senior GigaMedia personnel will begin working closely with the outgoing executive to faciliate a a smooth transition.
A company statement reads: "Mr. Hui intends to devote more time to his personal interests and to charitable projects."
"Thomas has had an enormous influence on GigaMedia, making strong contributions to the strategy and growth of GigaMedia for three quarters of a decade," said GigaMedia chief executive officer Yichin Lee. "His passion for building high-performing teams will have a lasting impact on GigaMedia, and on behalf of the company I would like to thank him for his invaluable service. We wish him the best in his future."
Hui joined GigaMedia as chief financial officer in August 2004 and became president and chief operating officer in August 2007.