The final table for the World Poker Open Championship has been decided and Clonie Gowen has emerged as the chip leader.

A total of 107 gamers took part in the event, a number which was whittled down to 24 by the end of the first day.

Gowen put in a strong performance on the second day, taking her from 10th in the chip count at the start of play to the top of the rankings by the end.

She took down a massive pot against Nam Huynh when three players limped in after her big blind.

The current chip leader then proceeded to bet consistently after Q-10-6 appeared on the flop.

When the cards were shown after the river, she revealed 10-6 to make two pairs and beat Huynh's pair of sevens.

If she can retain her position and beat the remaining eight players at the final table, Gowen stands to earn $183,224.

As it is she will leave the tournament with a minimum of $15,296.

Gowen has cashed at the World Series of Poker on nine occasions and has worked as a commentator for the Ultimate Poker Challenge and the Gaming Club World Poker Championship.